Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Revelations of the Twitter kind

Boy, it sure is great to finally have a public blog. I've wanted one for a while now. By the way, it's really hard to get used to typing "blog" instead of "vlog." Give me 21 days and I'll break the habit.

I stayed up entirely too late last night exploring the blogs of other YouTubers. The opportunity cost was my sleep, but this loss led to a miraculous revelation. I now officially understand the point of Twitter!

Allow me to elucidate. Blogs are generally meant to be somewhat lengthy. You can rant or vent or inform or go on and on about your day, typically in paragraph form. It's almost like an informal essay. In my old blogs, however, I would sometimes make a post that consisted of just one sentence, such as "OMG HP AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS COMES OUT IN TEN DAYS!!!!!" And that would be it. That, my friends, is what Twitter is for! It's one-line blogging that saves you from having to make a blog post of one sentence. Twitter and blogs serve two similar yet unique purposes, and I think that I now fully understand both of them.

Tonight we had Chi Omega senior ceremony. I didn't think I would get emotional, especially since I'm not even graduating, but Bekah (my Chi O little sis) really surprised me. Did you guys see my very first Embarrassing Relics video, the one where I read a love song I wrote to myself when I was a preteen? Bekah wrote down those lyrics and said them back to me during the ceremony, with a few of her own additions. It was so sweet and hilarious and slightly mortifying, but overall it was pretty amazing.

Tomorrow I have to do my conducting final during Camerata. I have to conduct and rehearse the choir on a piece for fifteen minutes. I really don't think it willl be too awful, but I'm dreading it right now. In fact, I most likely will dread it up to the very moment. Have I mentioned that I loathe conducting?

That's all for today. Until later, kids - life's what you make it, so let's make it rock.

P.S. It seems I've dropped below 1000 subscribers. How irksome.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Third Blog's the Charm: What I'm Doing Here

Hello everyone! I'm Kaitlyn, better known as kaitlynwithakay on the YouTubes. Lots of vloggers are getting back into blogging these days, and I too have decided to board the blogging train. I almost missed it. I had to run to catch it before it left the station, but here I am.

...Yeah. I am unnecessarily witty sometimes. Or maybe I just think I am.

(I am also a grammar freak, but I do allow myself to break rules for blogging purposes. I know that "Or maybe I just think I am" is a fragment, but using a fragment there better reflects how I naturally speak. It makes my blog more like a conversation with me.)

I used to love blogging. I started with a deadjournal because my friends were doing it, but that site seriously creeped me out. So I later switched to a livejournal, and I had a nice little community of loyal followers there for a while. They engaged me in stimulating comment conversation. Eventually, though, the livejournal community started dying down, and my livejournal became a mostly unread outlet for venting vaguely about my boy problems. It was very angsty and very repetitive. While I think it was good for me to have that outlet at the time, I want to move on and start anew.

VEDA is almost over, and I'm feeling happy/sad. It's been fun having a vlog project and an excuse to make stupid vlogs more often, but it has sometimes been stressful. I alleviated some of the stress by giving myself weekends off, but I've been ridiculously busy all month (it is April, after all). Making a video every day also drastically cut my numbers of views and subscribers. I'm not sure why people hated that I made videos more often. Why did they subscribe in the first place? Ah well. It's been an interesting ride, and overall I'm glad I did it.

As it is prep week, I should be studying or something. I guess I'll go eat some Special K (oh yeah, I've been on the Special K diet for about a week now) and memorize my Italian songs. I'll end by posting several links to other places you can find me on the internet.

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Love your life, everyone!!