Wednesday, August 26, 2009

And it's only the first week...

Just a quick clarification regarding my last blog, especially for reader Rubeena. The term "dumb bitch" does not necessarily mean what it literally should. It's a slang term that people at my school use to describe a person who is or does something exceedingly stupid and/or annoying. You know that person in your life who makes you wonder how the hell they got into college? That's a dumb bitch.

ANYWAY, yesterday I had pretty interesting start to one of my classes. The teacher insisted that we play one of those insipid get-to-know-you games. We each wrote down three "thought-provoking" questions (one of mine was "What is your favorite Harry Potter book?"). Then we had to go around the room and ask people our questions. Since it was 8:20 AM and I was NOT in the mood for this, I mostly talked to people I knew.


When everyone was done asking questions, we had to get up and talk about ourselves. Sort of. We each stood up and said our name and major. Then the people who asked you questions got to tell the rest of the class about you based on the answers you gave. Since I had mostly talked to my friends, they knew what questions to ask me to provoke funny answers. So on my turn I stand up, and my friend Chris says, "Kaitlyn's favorite topic to discuss is Harry Potter." Facepalm. Then my friend Sunny says, "The website she visits most often is YouTube because she's on it."

Oh shit.

Bear in mind that this class is about 80% jocks. No one was amused. Well, the teacher was. But there ya go. Already I'm the weird Harry Potter girl, and it's only the first week.


On August 27, in about twenty minutes, I will be 22. Twenty-freakin-two. I don't even know what to do. I'm old.

Well, I guess I'll stay up 'til midnight and then go straight to bed like the old lady I am. Have a nice my birthday, everyone!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Dumb Bitch Chronicles, Ep. 1

I'm generally pretty easy-going. I have strong opinions about things (and people!), but I like to avoid conflict. Instead of getting in someone's face when they're bothering me, I'll just walk away and bitch about it later. And guess what, readers? It's later!

I think I'm going to start a semi-regular blog segment called the "Dumb Bitch Chronicles," which shall, as the name suggests, chronicle the moments during which dumb bitches enter my life and annoy me. OK? OK.

So there's this girl in my choir who really grates on everyone's nerves. A charming little in-your-face know-it-all. Likes to point out the obvious in every situation. We're going to call her Andromeda.

My choir had choir camp for about 10 days in mid-August (uugggghh), and at some point during camp we were given the responsibility speech. We're not to let choir ever be our excuse for missing class or not doing school work. We're supposed to be on top of our shit and plan ahead to get everything done on time despite having to go on weekend choir tours. Andromeda happens to be a senior in the choir, so surely this whole spiel should just be a review for her. Well, I'm here to tell you that some people will always be dumb, no matter how many times you tell them something.

Today Andromeda and I were in a class with a few other choir people. We have to give speeches (gag me) a few times this semester, so the professor told us to let him know of any days we will have to miss this semester due to college activities. Actual days of school, NOT weekends.

Well, Andromeda gets up and proclaims with a mighty "I just want to let you know" that some of us will be on choir tour for a few weekends and won't really have time to prepare for a speech the next day.


WHAT?! SERIOUSLY???? What. The. Hell.

The professor basically told her that was too damn bad, as he should. Way to be responsible, Andromeda. Knowing about the speech three months in advance doesn't give you enough time? If any professors on campus have a negative impression of the choir, I'm pretty sure it's her fault. There's just nothing like watching someone tarnish the reputation of my cherished organization in one dumb move and not being able to do anything to stop it.

Aaaaaanyway, as you've probably noticed, I've been gone for a while. I was on vacation, and then I went to choir camp. It was long and exhausting but also nostalgic as it was my last. And now I'm back at school. In my new apartment!!! So exciting. Today was the first day, and so far so good-ish.

Oh, and Windows crashed on my still new-ish computer. Boo.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Full House, the way it should have been

Today I was watching Full House. It was the episode where little Michelle (who drives me up the wall, by the way) wants a new mommy, so she asks her teacher over for lunch. She gives her father and her teacher a single glass of milk, turns on what a five-year-old thinks is romantic music, and slips slyly out the door. A few seconds later, she pokes her head in the door and asks, "Are you in loooooooooooove yet?"

Well, that was just too much. I laughed out loud. For once, I literally lol'd. My brother come in the room and says, "Did you really just laugh out loud at Full House?"

I say, " what?"

He claims, "I might chuckle silently every now and then, mostly on the inside." He feels, however, that sincere, audible laughter at the show is too charitable. And I think I have to agree with him. It just caught me off guard this one time. I hope I was laughing less at the show and more at the sheer moronic ridiculousness of the situation.

Anyway, all of these shenanigans reminded me of my Full House dream! It happened a few years ago, and it was the greatest dream I've ever had. And I decided that I just HAVE to blog about it again. I hope I still remember it properly.

So Uncle Jesse and his band had this really important audition for a TV show coming up. I mean, this was his shot. He'd been preparing for weeks. Then on the morning of the audition, everyone else in the band cancels. Seeing as how this is the most important gig of his life, the whole family pulls together to form a "band" and go on the show with him. Well, as hard as they tried, they totally sucked. Backstage after the show, everyone is disappointed, especially Jesse. Little Michelle walks over and hugs him, saying, "I'm sorry, Uncle Jesse. We really tried our best." Now, instead of saying, "It's ok, Shorty. I know you tried. I love you," like he would on the show, he completely goes off on them, yelling about how much they sucked and how much he hates them for ruining his big chance.

That's when Kimmy Gibbler walks in the room. She says, "Don't worry, Elvis. I got it aaaaaaaaaall worked out." He asks her how. Then she strolls up to him, puts an arm around his neck, pauses dramatically, and says.....

..."I slept with the director." :-D

Monday, August 3, 2009

I'm hooooome.

I'm home from vacation! Actually, I'm not excited enough to use an exclamation point. It's more like, "I'm home from vacation."

It was a really great trip. The family started to make me a little claustrophobic after a week or so, but I had a blast overall. I met one of my REAL LIVE YOUTUBE FRIENDS, and that was pretty epic. It's nice to know that not every person on the internet wants to kill and/or rape me.

I don't feel like blogging about the whole trip right now. I'll try to do that soon. I'm just feeling horrendously crappy right now. I'm talking nausea, chills, dizziness, and one count of throwing up spaghetti into a Blockbuster toilet. Yeah, tonight was a super-fun night of work. Luckily David, my manager, is cool and let me not work too hard.

One thing I have to mention, though, is OMG JERSEY BOYS! I saw Jersey Boys on Broadway last week, and I am completely obsessed. I've always like The Four Seasons, but now I can't get enough. The story is so exciting and emotional and sometimes hilarious, and this current cast is amazing. We bought the original Broadway cast album, and we were slightly disappointed that it wasn't as good as our cast. Jarrod Spector is the best Frankie I've heard (and believe me, I did a lot of YouTube research when I got home), and Sebastian Arcelus is great as Bob Gaudio (skip ahead to 3:40 in that video - the rest of that cast is not up to snuff). Also, Sebastian is incredibly attractive, in my wavy-haired-music-nerd-loving opinion.

YouTube really needs to get some more illegal Jersey Boys action goin' on. This is the only video I could find of the current cast, and the sound quality is pretty suckish. But it's the song I'm most obsessed with!!! Although I contend that big girls DO cry. Hello, period?

Also, singing along to the cast recording in my car has led to realize that my comfortable singing range is pretty much the same as Frankie Valli's. Is that....weird? Should I just call myself a countertenor?

Well, I set out to write a quick blog saying that I'm home and barfy, and look what happened. Jersey Boys took me away again. If you are in or around NYC anytime soon, you should go see it while this cast is still there. And I should sleep.

In closing, I'm going to steal something from Hayley just this once.

Sexy: Craig Ferguson, especially when he talks about guinea pigs.
Unsexy: Throwing up spaghetti into a Blockbuster toilet.