Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Full House, the way it should have been

Today I was watching Full House. It was the episode where little Michelle (who drives me up the wall, by the way) wants a new mommy, so she asks her teacher over for lunch. She gives her father and her teacher a single glass of milk, turns on what a five-year-old thinks is romantic music, and slips slyly out the door. A few seconds later, she pokes her head in the door and asks, "Are you in loooooooooooove yet?"

Well, that was just too much. I laughed out loud. For once, I literally lol'd. My brother come in the room and says, "Did you really just laugh out loud at Full House?"

I say, "Yeah...so what?"

He claims, "I might chuckle silently every now and then, mostly on the inside." He feels, however, that sincere, audible laughter at the show is too charitable. And I think I have to agree with him. It just caught me off guard this one time. I hope I was laughing less at the show and more at the sheer moronic ridiculousness of the situation.

Anyway, all of these shenanigans reminded me of my Full House dream! It happened a few years ago, and it was the greatest dream I've ever had. And I decided that I just HAVE to blog about it again. I hope I still remember it properly.

So Uncle Jesse and his band had this really important audition for a TV show coming up. I mean, this was his shot. He'd been preparing for weeks. Then on the morning of the audition, everyone else in the band cancels. Seeing as how this is the most important gig of his life, the whole family pulls together to form a "band" and go on the show with him. Well, as hard as they tried, they totally sucked. Backstage after the show, everyone is disappointed, especially Jesse. Little Michelle walks over and hugs him, saying, "I'm sorry, Uncle Jesse. We really tried our best." Now, instead of saying, "It's ok, Shorty. I know you tried. I love you," like he would on the show, he completely goes off on them, yelling about how much they sucked and how much he hates them for ruining his big chance.

That's when Kimmy Gibbler walks in the room. She says, "Don't worry, Elvis. I got it aaaaaaaaaall worked out." He asks her how. Then she strolls up to him, puts an arm around his neck, pauses dramatically, and says.....

..."I slept with the director." :-D


  1. hahaha, I LOVE your dream! It's like the PG-13 version of Full House, which I must say I've seen every episode, for better or for worse. I must say the episode where Michelle annoys me the most is when she's going through "I'm a little princess" phase and her older sisters get the blame for everything bad she does. Let's just say Michelle was lucky I wasn't one of her sisters. I would have locked her in her room for sure.

  2. Your dream is so amazing, I had to comment. That's weird that your dream had an actual PLOT though. Mine are rarely so epic.