Sunday, October 4, 2009

I always forget there was a president called Zachary Taylor.

It rained today. It rained really, really hard today. It rained really, really hard ALL DAY, and I had a lot of places to go. But that's not the most horrible thing that happened today!

I went through the drive-thru at my beloved Yeero Yeero for lunch, and I decided to shake things up a little. I usually order a chicken gyro pita sandwich and add feta cheese. Today I ordered a chicken gyro platter instead, which is basically the sandwich in platter form with a side of vegetables and a drink. Well, the pouring rain and rushing wind must have made it difficult for the Greek kid in the headset to hear me, because I got home to find that my platter did not contain chicken. They gave me.........LAMB! *gasp* Oh, the horror.

Ok, it actually wasn't too terrible. It definitely wasn't as good as the chicken, though. So lunch today left me a little disappointed. Maybe it was sign from God that I should drop the feta and pick up an apple now and then. My bank account could definitely use the break. I'm supposed to be saving for a trip I may want to take this summer, and I haven't been doing so well with that lately. I need to get one of those design-your-own credit cards. The background image of mine would just be the words "INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL IS BETTER THAN GREEK FOOD AND NERFIGHTERLIKE T-SHIRTS."

In other news, ALL CAPS music has been stuck in my head all day, probably because I've been listening to it in the car all day.

Whew, ok. I'm back. I had to go pick up my roommate because her won't start. Hah, we really don't have good luck with cars around here, do we?

I think I'm going to end this particular entry now anyway. Like I said, I did a bunch of things today, such as go to church and go to church orchestra rehearsal and sing a choir concert at a church (it is Sunday, after all), but nothing truly interesting happened. When I had a thought today, it was usually that I wanted to take a nap. I guess there was one awkward/funny moment to take from today, but I decided to make a video about it. I know, right? I actually made a video. Grrrrrr busyness and sleepiness keeping me from videoness!

Speaking of videoness, did anyone else notice that John Green left Gerald Ford out of his video about U.S. Presidents' last words? I did. Still, it's a pretty badassly nerdy video. I hope my last words are good. If not, tell them I said something worthy of being memorized by Pudge Halter.

And with that, I leave you. Goodnight, all!

Yeero Yeero indulgences this school year: 10
Pop-Tarts this school year: 10 (WHOA! A TIE!)
Subscribers: 1,142

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  1. I think quite a few people are informing John in the comments that he forgot Gerald Ford. Is it so wrong I want a punishment from that? Oh and that whole you got lamb instead of your chicken(and I'm so with you on that one) is that it made me think of "my big fat greek wedding"

    (paraphrasing mind you)
    -sorry, he's a vegetarian
    -oh, that's okay, I make lamb.