Saturday, October 3, 2009

Just a little updatey sort of update.

I was a pretty worthless human being this past week. I starting feeling sick again, so I got some antibiotics. If my stomach wasn't full enough when I took the pills, I got excruciating pains like the fire of a thousand burning suns in my abdomen. So then I wanted to skip class, and once you start skipping, it's hard to stop. Plus there was that night we drank and watched Glee. Siiiiigh.

Therefore, let it be resolved that I have a fun, relaxing weekend and be ready to get back into the swing of things on Monday. I can do this. Grrr. Senioritis is a bitch, especially the second year in a row.

Speaking of getting burned out, tonight we had our second Friday night concert in the past two weeks. Just to shake things up, the concert was at a casino. And by "just to shake things up," I mean that Dave freaked out about a church-affiliated school choir having to sing at a casino, but he went through with it because we agreed to sing before we knew where it was. I didn't think it was a big deal, although it was pretty awkward having to stumble through hoards of drunken gamblers who were confused by our tuxes and gowns as we tried to find the room. Dave (choir director) made us show up an hour early, and there wasn't even a place for us to warm up. And on top of that, it was probably another hour until they were ready for us to sing. All of this on a Friday night. Needless to say, everyone was cranky and hating the world by the end of it all.

On a side note, is it bad that I feel like I have to update my blog frequently or I will lose count of how many times I eat Greek food? I have an ongoing tally in my head, and I constantly have to think, "Ok, it's two times more since my last blog..." Yeah, I need a Yeero Yeero twelve-step program.

Well, I suppose I better go to sleep now, as it is nearly 2 AM. I have to get up early-ish (for a Saturday, anyway) to do the March for Maji. Basically you pay $2-5 to walk around the field for a few hours, and somehow that helps build water wells in Kenya. I know, I know, it's symbolic. It just sounds silly when you say it like that. :-P Anyway, free food + exercise + good cause = not too shabby. And after that, I'm going with a few of my friends to the corn maze! Yaaaayy!

Goodnight/morning, everyone!

Yeero Yeero indulgences this school year: 9
Pop-Tarts this school year: 7
Subscribers: 1,141

P.S. I should really check my comments on older entries more often. I just saw the awesome comment that Maribel left on my crazy self-discovery blog. It made me smile. Thanks! :-)

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