Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Bach, I FEEL like "sweet death."

I'm sick. AGAIN. Whyyyyyyy do I have to be sick again???

We're leaving for Yale in a week. What the hell kind of shitty timing is this, body?

That's one reason why I haven't been blogging lately, despite always saying that I plan to blog about this or that next time. Writing is something I like to do and feel like I'm fairly good at, but it takes a lot of focus and concentration and clear thinking. I don't exactly have the time lately to prepare for and then experience such mental strain too often. This semester makes me want to spend all of my free moments participating in such productive activities as napping and watching shows on Hulu.

My sickness is apparently sinusitis and an ear infection, but the doctor says I should feel better by Friday. Cross your fingers, everyone.

I feel too crappy to finish this post. Hah. Sorry! Before I go, however, I feel like you all should know that I started following another show. I know! Don't eat me. I started watching Cougar Town. Sure, it has the world's stupidest title, but it's surprisingly funny. The interaction between the mom and the son is priceless every time. And I just love Courteney Cox. I had to! Besides, new episodes of Family Guy don't appear on Hulu every week. It's merely a trade-off.

Now it's bedtime before I die of deathness.

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  1. Sorry to hear that you're sick again! I hope you feel better soon/in time for all the choir concerts.

    I find Cougar Town really funny too! I just can't justify watching another show (read: my friends and housemates mock me too much) so I only watch snippets of it in the ad breaks of Glee. :)