Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I PASSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *squee*


Can you believe it?! I can't believe it. Well, I can kind of believe it. I can't believe I finally have my scores. I'm going crazy! After years of dreading it, it's finally behind me.

And I actually did alarmingly well. The range of possible scores is 100-200. The passing score for my state is 151. I got 190!!! Seriously! How the hell did I do that?!?! I feel like they had to have switched my scores with someone else's. It's like in Legally Blonde when Elle got an impossibly high score on the LSAT. No wait! It's like that episode of Gilmore Girls when they got their PSAT scores. OK, I guess the Legally Blonde reference is more accurate. I'm getting carried away. I just can't believe it!!!!!

I really needed this today. I had a really crappy morning. My conducting professor spent a humiliatingly long time berating me, my conducting, and my work ethic in class this morning. It's frustrating because I don't actually give a shit about being a great conductor. I just want to graduate and get the hell out of here. And maybe direct a church choir. Anyway, I was in a bad mood this morning. Then as I'm walking to choir around noon, I see Kaci Kimball walking toward me quickly. "Our music PRAXIS scores are up! Michael saw his. He passed!" And then I proceeded to have a conniption fit.

My breathing was heavy and my hands were shaking as I attempted to log into the PRAXIS website. Oh, wait. I forgot my username. Crap crap crap. So I have to go through the security question ordeal (this time, thankfully, it wasn't "Who is Bob Saget?"), reset my password, and try again. And finally, there it is. I didn't even look at my number right away. I just took a slow, relaxing breath for the first time in months as I looked in awe and incredulity upon the word PASSED.

Then I texted everyone whom I thought would care (admittedly only three people). Then I took an ecstatic DailyBooth picture. Then I updated my Facebook status. Then I simultaneously took a shower and began writing a stupid song about how excited I am. It was a good afternoon.

Granted, I'm not out of the woods yet. The battle is only half won. I've still got my PLT score to worry about. The PLT was mostly essay, so it's almost entirely subjective. Oh, great. Now I've gotten myself all worked up again. CHILL, self. You did amazingly well on the music test. ENJOY IT.

I have so much more to blog about, but I'm just too sleepy. Next time I'll tell you about my parents' NYC excursion sans offspring, from which they returned yesterday. Jealousssss.

Goodnight! <3

Yeero Yeero indulgences this school year: 10
Pop-Tarts this school year: 10
Subscribers: 1,142

P.S. My YouTube channel claims that I have watched exactly 14,000 videos to date. Sweet.


  1. Congratulations! That is awesome! Oh and by the way I'm sure your blog readers (or at least I know specifically me) really wanted to know how you did. I'm so happy for you! Probably more happy than I should be for someone I've never met, but I don't care.

    Question: What job do you want to have after college and what is your ultimate dream job? I'm going to "guess" neither is conducting:)

  2. Congratulations Kaitlyn, that is awesome!!! It is always so great when hard work pays off.

    (I loved that episode of Gilmore Girls when Paris goes wild trying to get Rory to tell her what her PSAT scores are.)

  3. congrats! im happy that you did so well!!! WOO!!