Sunday, December 13, 2009

Pointless materialism, pointless vandalism, pointless attempts at blogging.

Shoutout to commenter Sarah for making me smile. Random people are always telling me that they have "Hangover Saturday" stuck in their head for one reason or another, and it never gets old.

Here's an anecdote that no one will care about. After years of not understand what the big deal is, I've finally become obsessed with Vera Bradley stuff, just like every other girl in the south. Yesterday I went Christmas shopping and bought my mom a Vera Bradley lunchbox. I decided I wanted an all-in-one wristlet for when I go jogging (hah) and such, but I didn't like any of the colors at the shop. So I came home and looked around on ebay.

Why the hell am I telling you this story? It's so pointless. It's not even funny. I'm sorry in advance. You can skip down to the part finals? Why am I so boring????

Anyway, after much searching of the ebay, I found a wristlet in a retired pattern I like, and it was really cheap. So I bid. Then I bid again. I got into a bit of a bidding war. When I got to $20.50, the other guy stopped. That's when I noticed that the wristlet had no "Vera Bradley" ribbon on the zipper (which means it's possibly fake or used). Instead of stressing about my finals, I started stressing about ebay. I kept refreshing the page every two minutes and using my ESP to try to force someone to outbid me. Luckily, someone did outbid me this morning, but boy was I nervous. I decided to just ask my mom to get me one for Christmas, so now the pressure's off.

Hah. Sorry, I told you it wasn't funny. I swear I'm not normally this materialistic; I'm just on a kick right now. Soon it will pass.

So anyway, today we had a Handel's Messiah sing-along at church. It was fun and very chill. I wish all choir concerts were sing-along-style.

Aaaaaaaaand that concludes everything I did today. My finals start tomorrow. Hopefully my last finals ever. (Everyone cross your fingers.) I should be a lot more concerned about them than I currently am. I just want to go hoooooooooooooooooooooooooome.

Here's my schedule for the week:
Monday - 8 AM Diversity class final; 4 PM Econ final (and turn in take-home final)
Tuesday - 12 PM Conducting presentation (and turn in written project); 4 PM biology final
Wednesday - Nothing, hooray!
Thursday - Voice jury sometime in the late morning; potential student teaching interview (eek!)

Yep, I may get to have my student teaching interview! I e-mailed the education department head and requested one since my grades have improved, so my professors are going to conspire about me one more time and let me know if I'm worthy yet.

Finally, I don't know how many of you follow Lena Gabrielle on Twitter, but someone seriously vandalized the music school at Ithaca College, where she attends. The vandals completely destroyed more than 60 pianos and all sorts of other equipment, causing around $500,000 of damage. You can read more about it here. As music major and a human being with a soul, it breaks my heart to know that someone would do that. Can you imagine? Gaaaaaahhhhh. So horrible. And best of all, it's finals week, so their music juries start tomorrow.

If you would like to help with the cost of the repairs to the IC music school, please send money via Paypal to Lena at I've already donated, and I hope you will too if you are able.

Whew. I need to end this long, weird blog on a lighter note. I'm currently wearing a Threadless shirt that shows a cheeseburger saying, "I want to be inside you." Tee hee. :-P

That's all for now. Wish me luck on this finals shiz. <3

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