Tuesday, December 15, 2009

You and me could write bad final exam.

Jeez, I've been blogging so much lately. It's ridiculous. As you can probably guess, I'm mostly just avoiding finals revision, but blogging more is a habit I'd like to get into, anyway.

Granted, I know that the more I blog the few comments I'll get. Whatevs!

I resisted longer than most people, but I have to admit that I finally love Lady Gaga. It's not a creepy obsession like with my teenage Disney stars, but I'm having serious trouble getting her music out of my head. It's hopelessly catchy. In fact, "Bad Romance" is playing on my iTunes right now. And while we're on the subject, how creepy/awesome is that video? SO creepy/awesome is right. Also, did you know she's only 23? Crazy.

I actually took two naps today, so I feel like this morning happened days ago. My diversity in education class final was at 8 AM. Gross. But before we could take the final we had to watch presentations from the groups who didn't go last week. One girl did her presentation on colorism within the African American race. It was really interesting. Anyway, then we took the "final," which was just some "tell me how you feel about this" or "what did you learn from this" bullshit. No big. Then I went home and took nap #1.

I woke up around 1, which was an hour later than I meant to. I had to do my econ take-home final, which I hadn't started. By the time I finished it was nearly 3, when I thought the was supposed to start. So I ran to class having not studied in the slightest for the non-take-home part of the final, and when I got there THE ROOM WAS EMPTY. Oh, my God. I freaked out. I thought I missed it. When I checked the computer I discovered that it didn't start until 4. Hallelujah. I went home, ate some substantial food for once, studied as much as I could, and went back to class. The final was multiple-choice. I have no idea how I did, but at least I could put an answer for everything!

THEN I got a text informing me that my conducting final project is due Friday instead of tomorrow (Tuesday)! Woohoo! So then I made good use of my extra time by taking another nap. Hah.

Now I'm kind of studying but mostly just internet-ing and eating chocolate. Oh. My. God. I don't even want to think about how many calories in chocolate I've consumed in the past two days. Suffice it to say that I ate an entire 8-oz. bag of Hershey kisses yesterday. Yikes.

I'm guessing that most of you know this by now, but I got a Formspring account. I mostly just got it because the name "kaitlyn" was still available. :-P So yeah, go ask me questions! If you want. It's kind of boring when I have no questions to answer.

Tomorrow I have a book presentation in conducting and my biology final. Wish me luck and shit! <3

[Note: Now that my conducting project is due Friday, I'm afraid it's still


  1. Wow. That's good luck. I wish my finals or projects had been pushed back. Like you, I am procrastinating as well. Now that I'm done with exams I should be packing to go home. Not happening. At least not right now. If you want new chocolate to try, and haven't tried it before now then you should try Galaxy chocolate from the UK. It's my absolute favourite. You can find it at world markets sometimes or some candy stores. It's what I imagine Honeydukes chocolate to taste like. I found it and a lot of other British chocolate at a candy store right across from my campus. The store is called The Arrogant Texan, but I thought that was weird so I officially (or not so much) redubbed it to Honeydukes!

    Have a good 4 days and good luck on your finals and revising and stuff. I know it can be a pain. I'm sure it's a lot worse when you're so close to graduating. Best wishes!! : )

  2. @The Vagabond - Bahahahahaha! "The Arrogant Texan" is probably the funniest thing I've ever heard. I don't know if you live anywhere near Texas, but non-Texans all think that Texans definitely have an attitude problem.