Monday, June 15, 2009

I've Found My Calling

While we were in Australia, my friend Lindsey and I were discussing what we want to do with our lives. She just graduated with a music degree and plans to start working toward her teaching certificate in Guam. I'm a senior music education major. However, I absolutely do not just want to start teaching music right out of college and keep doing it forever, especially not in this state. People always say, "So what do you want to do, then?" I never know. None of the conventional jobs that I've heard of appeal to me. Lindsey and I finally decided that our dream job is "something exciting that I've never heard of."

And today I figured it out. How? It came to me in a dream. Yes, I'm completely serious.

I dreamed last night that I was going to grad school for something called "international education." I woke up and thought about how cool it sounded, wishing it were real. I decided to Google it, and it IS real! A field I've never heard of comes to me in a dream and happens to really exist. What the hell??? And guess what. There's a masters program in international education at NYU, the grad school of my dreams.

This is so perfect. I mean, think about it. I love music, but teaching music to small-minded kids in Bible Belt, USA is not the life I want. I've been fortunate enough to do a good deal of international travel through my college, and I've found that I love traveling and learning about other cultures nearly as much as I love music. Now I can combine what I already know with what I dream of doing, and I can do it all at my dream school.

I always called bullshit on people who said that epic ideas came to them fully-formed in a dream (i.e. Steven Spielberg and E.T.), but now I have to believe. This is nuts. I can't wait to get started on my life now.

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  1. "International Educator" would be a badass title.

  2. I can't believe you were thinking the same things as me.

    I work with a bunch of just graduated adults(?) and they have basically told me to avoid the real world as much as possible.

    That's why after I graduate, I will visit as many countries as possible.

    This website might help you find what you want to do:

    I am really glad Hayley led me to find your videos!