Monday, June 22, 2009

Year One - starring Jack Black, Michael Cera, and ME!!!

Guess. What. GUESS WHAT!!!!

I'm in a movie. A real, NOT-made-for-TV movie.

You know that movie Year One, the one with Jack Black and Michael Cera that just opened a few days ago? Yeah, I'm an extra in it. And you can see me in the movie! Squeeee!!!

I got this gig last spring when the casting directors came to my school's theatre department. They were holding auditions for "the new Jack Black movie." They had me read for the part of Lilith. Omg. The lines were SO awkward. So if you see the movie, pay attention when Jack's character is in Lilith's bed, and imagine me trying to say those lines. You'll rofl, I swear. Obviously, I didn't get the part because I have zero professional acting experience and mediocre acting skillz, but they did call me later and ask if I wanted to be an extra. It was during our spring break, so I said yes.

My parents and I (my brothers are both in Omaha at the College World Series) had a super-fun let's-go-watch-our-daughter-on-the-big-screen outing Saturday night. First we had dinner at P.F Chang's, although we had to wait an hour for our table. Apparently we missed the memo about them taking reservations now. I swear they didn't used to. The waitress was entirely too perky, and an old man told me I don't look old enough to be in college. I'm glad I look really young for my age if it means I'll still be pretty when I should look old and wrinkly, but at my current age it's inconvenient and opens me up to a lot of patronizing comments from strangers. "My sakes, you're 21?! Aw honey, you look like you should be learning to drive!" And YOU, ma'am, look like you should've stayed out of the sun when you were my age. But of course I'd never say it out loud. Sigh.

Anyway, back to the evening. Our incredibly long wait made us miss the showing we planned to go to, but there was another one in about half an hour. Instead of showing up early, we go home to pee. Then we go to the theater. It's full of annoying pre-teens. My mom NEVER would've let me see this movie when I was 12! Sheesh, parents of America! Anyway, the movie was funny, especially Michael Cera, but it was a little awkward to be watching with my parents. My part wasn't until the end, so they had to sit through almost the whole thing first. If they didn't see my face, boy was I gonna hear some complaining. But's the major crowd fight scene. AND THERE I AM!!! AND THERE I AM AGAIN!!! AND AGAIN!!!!! There were even a few close-up shots where you could see my face. Granted, I was wearing a Biblical-style head covering, but you could so tell it was me. My parents, adorably embarrassing as usual, shouted, "THERE SHE IS!" I had to shush them.

So if you see Year One (and how could you not now??), look for me in Sodom when it starts raining. Jack Black is giving his inspirational speech and we're rejoicing. I'm wearing a tan robe thingy and a white head covering. And if you're not familiar with my face, umm....go look at one of my videos?

So yeah. That was so exciting, see my face on the big screen. Not the little screen of YouTube. My parents are still squeeing about it. "They should've at least given you a credit!" Lol, Dad. They don't credit extras.

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  1. I can relate to the whole "looking young" thing. I'm 18 and in Australia that's when people are allowed to drink/go out to the pub/club/casino. I was once told by a bouncer I looked about 5 years old. Great. And then another bouncer made me show him my bank card because he wouldn't believe my perfectly legitimate ID. GRRRR.

  2. I'm a 23 year old who unfortunately looks 15-16. You want to know the truly sad part? It's not that I get carded everywhere, whether it's the random drink or an R rated movie, it's that certain members of my extended family think I'm still in high school! Maybe it's because us wonderful pale people have the whole mandatory sunscreen law, or it's just fantastic genetics. Yeah, I'll go with the latter. Can't wait to see you in Year One!!!

  3. I've gotten a mix of looking older than I am and looking younger. One of my friends in high school thought I was a year ahead of her instead of in the same grade, which is kinda funny to me since I was younger than most of the people in my class.

    They could have credited you as "girl from Sodom in tan robe and white head covering" :-p