Friday, July 17, 2009

Hello, Blog. It's Thursday.

So now that I've had a little time to get out of my own head, I can tell you exactly how the Half-Blood Prince night went down.

Before Ben left for Germany, he gave me his Halloween costume Gryffindor robes. So I wore that, of course. I also wore my plaid skirt from my old school uniform with my "Voldemort Can't Stop Barack" shirt. I was working the schoolgirl vibe. I guess I was Ginny? Kind of. I don't really care about Ginny. Please don't kill me.

My brother and I got there a little over an hour early, and I'm pretty sure that everyone else was already there. I'd never seen so many people at a movie theater. EVER. This place is the second-biggest cinema in the city. It has 15 screens, and that night EVERY SINGLE SCREEN was showing Harry Potter. And they all sold out before the night even started!

A decent number of people dressed up. I was glad not to be the only one. The board that shows which movie is playing in which theatre, instead of just saying "Harry Potter" fifteen times, gave each screen a Hogwarts house name. Our tickets said we were in theater 8, which was a Ravenclaw. I know - fate, right? But we couldn't find good seats in there. We explored a few others before finding some pretty good seats in a Slytherin.

Then I got in line for candy and popcorn, and it took me FORTY MINUTES to get through the line. Holy poop. And then I had to give them $9 for my troubles. I stood in line for 40 minutes just to give them $9 in exchange for crappy junk food. I guess it was better than waiting in my seat for an hour. I'm glad I had the 40 minutes to spare.

A boy in Gryffindor robes approached me and asked if I would run into a Slytherin theater with him, shout "GRYFFINDOR RULES!!!" and run out. Sadly, I had to inform him that I'm a Ravenclaw, despite what my borrowed robes said.

Oh my gosh. I have red hair. I was wearing hand-me-down robes. I REALLY AM A WEASLEY!

Anyway, then we watched the movie, which was mostly enjoyable. Like me, most people weren't sure what to make of it when it ended. There was scattered, uneasy applause. Now I really do think that's it's one of the better films. I rank it right under 1 and 2. The first two will always be my favorites. I think they were wise to finally let another director do more than one film. There's something to be said from continuity as well as learning from your mistakes and improving. Yates definitely improved.

And then it took us 30 minutes to get out of the parking lot. That was awful.

On a completely unrelated note, I'm currently in a hotel room in Tennessee. I'm on vacation with the family. We're doing 2.5 weeks in Philadelphia, Boston, and New York. We should be in Philly by tomorrow night. So excited!!!

Finally, you should check out the SHVP channel this week if you don't usually. The theme this week is Mr. Withakay, and the boys have written some brilliantly hilarious songs about me. :-D

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  1. Hey,
    Know you are probably not back yet but I hope you are having an awesome time. Plus wanted you to know that the ad I got today asked "What is your patronus?" Thought you being the #1 Potter fan, that that bit of info just might make you smile. Have an awesome day : )

  2. Haha, I get that ad a lot! But I don't know what it's supposed to be advertising.

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