Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Dogs Galore

I watched Marley and Me a few days ago, and it filled me with great desire to spend time with my dogs while they and I are both still around. So today, for the first time in AGES, I walked one of my dogs around the block. [My dogs are outside dogs with a huge backyard. Not walking them is not mistreating them, I promise.] It was really fun. He got lazy toward the end, though, and begged me to carry him. And because (a.) it's so freakin' hot outside (100+ degrees every day), and (b.) he's so freakin' cute, I caved.

By the way, if you are a dog lover, don't watch Marley and Me if you don't want to cry. I mean, it's a great movie, but you WILL cry.

Life is full of dogs right now. My little brother is currently taking care of dogs for two different families who are out of town. Family A is out of town because the oldest son, one of my good friends in high school, is getting married on Thursday. I was going to be invited, but since they're getting married at super-expensive Disney World, the guest list had to be extremely small. On the bright side, Family B has a pool. So last night, my mom, my brother, and I swam in Family B's pool when we went to feed their dog / water their plants. My brother, who is a completely goober, said, "You know, you could've married John," to which I ROFL'd and said, "Gosh, Lane, if only you'd mentioned it sooner!" My brother is 16, but in my mind he will always be 7. And trust me, he still acts 7.

We all reminisced about that the fact that, while we were growing up, John's younger sister always told me I should date John. Actually, she would constantly ask me if I liked him, which was unbelievably annoying. Lane and Drew (John's younger brother) always wanted me to marry John so that they could be related. There was family pressure from both sides. John's a great guy, but we were clearly never going to date or marry (Lolz, sorry everyone). I'm incredibly happy for him.

At some point I sarcastically mention that I could always marry Drew if he and Lane want to be related that badly. Then my mother starts discussing it further. "You know, 16 and 21 seems like a big age difference now, but when you're 30 and 35, it won't matter at all." I point out that I'm technically almost 22, and she counters that he's almost 17. Then she tries to figure out exactly how far apart we are in age. "Uuuuuuuuugggggggggggghhhhhhhhhh, mom, stop it!!!" I found myself saying over and over again. Thinking about me and my littlest brother's friend CREEPS ME OUT, YO.

On a completely unrelated note, 2 days before Ben left I saw Wayside School Gets a Little Stranger in the massive landscape of books on his desk, and I said, "OMG CAN I BORROW THAT?!?!?!" And he said yes. And life is beautiful for it.

And finally, I posted a new video today! Yay!!! I really need to get back into the swing of video-making.

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