Friday, May 1, 2009

Big Words Database, anyone?

Well, friends, I did it! I survived my conducting final, and it wasn't too horrible! I had to conduct and rehearse a section of Persichetti's "Sam Was a Man" with Camerata. My section was really short, though, and they learned it really quickly, so I started to run out of things to do. And of course I'm thinking of about a thousand things I should've done, but who cares? It's OVER!!!

...except I still have one more semester of conducting. FML.

In other news, I had a particularly intriguing idea the other day. Someone should create an online database of big, awesome words. I LOVE big words. I like to sprinkle big words into conversation and especially anything I write, and I also love to learn new big words. I would use the big words database all the time. It could be kind of like a thesaurus: you type in a word, and the database gives you a bunch of big-word synonyms for that word. How cool would that be? I should patent this idea. Anyone want to go into business with me? We'd be rich, I tell you.

I think I should go to bed now. The only productive thing I've done all night is write this blog post, which is admittedly not very productive at all. I have plenty of work I should be doing, but as we don't have school tomorrow, I think I'll just do it in the morning. My brain loses its ability to focus after 10 PM.

Stay classy, kids.

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  1. Big words are awesome. I drop a couple in during normal conversation (without thinking, really) and get the oddest looks every time...but it's so much fun!