Sunday, May 3, 2009

Now That's What I Call Recycling

Have you guys ever been to an ABC party, as in Anything But Clothes? I went to one last night, and it was fantastic. Marissa helped me make a dress entirely out of plastic shopping bags. Now that's recycling!

Here's my pre-party picture I took for DailyBooth:

Better pictures to come as soon as Marissa uploads them to Facebook. :-P

It was a crazy party. Crazy in a good way. The place was full of people I like and very few that I don't. :-) And when I woke up this morning I was still drunk. It was unbelievable.

Tonight I went to the opera with Travis Orr. Manon Lescaut. It was really good, although I could've done without watching Manon die a slow, painful death for 30 minutes. That was ridiculous. We went to IHOP with Cory after the opera. I'm really going to miss him when he leaves for the Peace Corps. :-(

Speaking of which, I think I'm putting Peace Corps on my list of potential things to do with my life after college. I don't want to go to Africa, though. I hope I could go to Europe like Cory. He's spending two years teaching English in Bulgaria. Imagine getting to live in Europe, learn a new language, and probably travel around Europe during your time off. That would be amazing. I'm thinking about it.

Comment Question of the Day: Would you rather be rich, smart, famous, or gorgeous? You can only pick one. I would absolutely pick smart, no question. Is that crazy?

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  1. Now that's what I call creative.

  2. I'd pick smart too. I was going to say that all the others were subjective then I realised my point was completely wrong. I could use those smarts...

    I've never been to an ABC party but they sound awesome as long as everyone is creative and doesn't just turn up with nothing on,,,

  3. Never been to one of those parties, but it sounds fun, if only to see how creative people can get.

    I'd probably pick smart as well. Being smart enough could potentially lead to the others

  4. I'm already gorgeous and smart so I guess that I'll go for rich...I can pull a Paris and be famous for my money hahaa! 4 FOR 4!!! LoveyouKaitlyn;)

  5. I'd definitely pick smart as well.

  6. I would also pick smart because it can make you rich and famous. And i'm already gorgeous... =P

  7. I would choose smart, too. All I really want out of life is knowledge--and creativity, but that wasn't a choice; I'd like to think the two are intertwined.