Wednesday, May 13, 2009

You think you know, but you have no idea.

Life is bizarre and surreal sometimes. I went out tonight for the first time in quite a long time. I sang karaoke with some gay guys. I saw one of my high school friends and found out she's now a lesbian, which totally blew my mind. I never, ever would have suspected. Haha. But it's cool.

Now for the main topic. I've been getting some hate from a YouTuber called GrowWisely. He posted some really insulting comments on my video called "Thank You, Captain Obvious." If you've seen the video, you know that it's just me ranting about how it bugs me when people tell me really obvious things. Yes, such things do annoy me, but I think it's obvious that I'm speaking in jest. But this GrowWisely person assumes that I'm completely serious and tells me that I'm petty and weak and childlike and that I have a "twisted little mind." He also notes my "distinct lack of character" and seems to think that I'm being hateful. To see the rest of the idiotic comments, go here.

1. I am absolutely not being hateful. I don't hate anyone. I AM JOKING.
2. The first two examples in my video did not even happen to me. They happened to friends of mine who were equally annoyed in those situations.
3. I'm smart, ok? I work hard and am proud of the knowledge I possess. I am also very open-minded and accepting. I am always trying to learn more. Telling me that I'm small-minded insults me to the core. You would know that if you knew me on a personal level (or, to a certain extent, watched some of my other videos). Which brings me to...
4. You make think you know someone because you watch her videos, but you don't. People on YouTube only show you want they want you to see. Other YouTubers and I have already made videos on the subject. The Kaitlyn you see on YouTube is silly and spastic and extremely outgoing, but the real Kaitlyn is actually very shy and sensitive and introverted. She cares way more than she should about people and their problems. Yes, she is easily annoyed sometimes, but she does not lack character. Thinking that you can judge a person's character based solely on her videos is absolutely ludicrous.

I made that video because I thought it would be both somewhat entertaining and a chance for me and my subscribers to vent about life's little annoyances. For many people, it seems that it was. If you think I'm weak and childlike for posting it, you don't have to watch. I'm not sorry, though.

You. Don't. Know. Me.


  1. "True Life: Kaitlyn" coming this Friday to Mtv :-p

    Kaitlyn: 1, Hater: 0

  2. Meh. Just try not to pay them any attention. That's all haters ever really want.

  3. Clealy I can't just let it go. Plus the hater sort of apologized when I responded with some of these points.