Monday, September 14, 2009


I wrote a blog post last night when I was drunk, and this morning I deleted it. I hope none of you saw it. You probably didn't think much of it if you did see it, but it had strong undertones of frustration and vulnerability. I got kind of upset about what feels to me like a hopeless situation. If a person wants something badly enough, they'll go after it. If they have to think too hard about it, then they must not really want it. Think about that before you string someone along for years.

I actually walked home last night by myself in the darkness and the rain. That was pretty stupid, but it was also a weird kind of rush. I really need a chaperon when I drink. That way I can avoid doing things like accidentally buying the same Pearl Jam song twice on iTunes.

Enough with last night's shenanigans. What's important right now is that I'M DONE WITH THE PRAXIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I took it (them, actually, as it was two tests) yesterday morning for about six hours. My hand hurt so badly by the end of the second test. I felt like I would never be able to write again. At the same time, though, I didn't feel like a total failure. The music test was harder than the practice tests I took, and the PLT was entirely subjective. So basically, I have no idea how I did. I feel like there's at least a good chance I passed, though.

I didn't even realize how stressed I had been until I walked out of the test building and discovered that I could breathe again. It's much better on this side of the test. I can do everything I haven't been able to do for the past few weeks, like watch Glee and read for fun!

Speaking of books, my school's annual Book Bazaar was this weekend. I have never seen so many crazy people freak out about used books. I worked the first shift of the record sales for SAI, and I saw people lining up outside the building three hours before it opened. THREE HOURS! The line was wrapped all the way around the building and out to the street by the time people were allowed to come it. It. Was. Nuts.

Last year I bought WAY too many books. I still haven't even read them all. It's just so hard not to go crazy in a room of 30,000 books that are all priced under $2. So this year I had to go in with a goal in mind. I was going to find a decent copy of The Catcher in the Rye and then leave. I found my copy, but there was a copy of 1984 right next to it, so I bought that one too. Later I saw a novel called Bel Canto, which captured my attention as a music nerd, so I picked that one up too. Three books for about $3 total. Not a bad haul. Excellent display of self-control.

Anyway, now it's today. I haven't done too much. I watched Glee, I watched The Magic School Bus, and I watched Kanye West act like the world's biggest shithead and humiliate poor Taylor Swift. Thank heaven for Beyonce. She makes everything better.

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  1. I'm sure you did really well.

    Kanye was such an ahole! I can't believe he could be soooo rude!