Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Sometimes I just shouldn't talk.

I may have mentioned before that I like the cover of the new American paperback edition of Paper Towns better than any other Paper Towns cover I've seen so far. I just don't see the point in buying it since I already have two different editions of the book (American hardcover Blue Margo and Australia paperback). Luckily, John is giving away one copy of the new edition every day for the next two weeks, as he stated in his latest video. That gives me fourteen chances to get the book without paying for it. To be eligible you just have to leave him a ten-word comment, and he picks his favorites. I officially entered myself into the mix just a few moments ago. I would tell you what my comment says, but I fear copyright infringement. I'll dish when the two weeks are over.

Anyway, today I took my first Biology 101 (yes, I'm in freshman biology) test of the semester. I think it went decently well. But that's not important right now. What's important was my professor's mention of a certain scientific tool during today's lab. It's a U-shaped tube. It's called a "U tube." He made the point of mentioning that it has nothing to doing with making videos. I cringed instinctively, as I always do when an unwelcome IRL acquaintance wants to talk about my YouTube life. I was waiting for some lovely classmate to shout something obnoxious about my videos. Then I remembered that this class is made up of mostly freshmen, none of whom are actually my friends. Crisis averted, but boy, you should've seen that split-second look of terror flash across my face.

Later, but still during that same class period, the professor asks why water does not completely change color the instant you put in a drop of food coloring. Out loud and for the world to hear I said, "Because it's not magic." And then I did an internal facepalm. I really shouldn't talk sometimes.

As further evidence that I spew embarrassing nerd far too often, check out this lovely exchange between a friend and me. It happened mere moments ago via the evil Facebook chat.

Kirk: I've found that the only way I can communicate with people anymore is via internet chat...
Kirk: damn my schedule
Kaitlyn: i know, me too
Kaitlyn: it sucks'
Kaitlyn: lol @ my accidental apostrophe
Kaitlyn: sucks is in possession of something

Siiiiiiiiiigh. Goodnight, everybody.

Days 'til PRAXIS: 4
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  1. Hey, I was in freshman biology my senior year of college too! We really are the same person . . .

    By the way, had you answered "Because it's not magic" in one of my classes, I probably would have cracked up and been incoherent for the next five minutes. Just saying. =)