Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Top 10 Favorite Things

Yesterday I mentioned that pictures would be among my top ten favorite things if I actually had such a list. So today I decided to procrastinate by way of making said list. And here it is, in no particular order,

My Top 10 Favorite Things
1. people who love me
2. pillows
3. musicals
4. cheese
5. pictures
6. books
7. outer space
8. European cities
9. animals
10. Disney

So there you go. That's my list, at least for today.

What are your top ten favorite things? Tell me!
Also tell me if you think I forgot something in my list. It's possible.


  1. Top Ten Favourite things in no particular order..

    1. People who love me
    2. Muse
    3. Animals of the feline variety
    4. Tea
    5. the letter "u"
    6. my ipod
    7. Austria, particularly Salzburg
    8. perfume
    9. Cottesloe Beach in summer
    10. necklaces

  2. Today's Top Ten (no particular order)

    1) People who love me
    2) Blog posting and commenting
    3) cute sweater dresses that are so warm
    4) the ability to wear that and pass off as a dead tree for T day
    5) London
    6) Boots
    7) Sparkly things you put in your hair
    8) Jigsaw puzzles
    9) Dancing around blasting music
    10) Tea

  3. Ten Top Things for Today (in a very particular order...)

    1) tolerant people
    2) caffeine
    3) November 29th
    4) October 13th
    5) Haunted Houses
    6) DUI checkpoints
    7) movie theatres
    8) the punk rock
    9) beanbag chairs
    10)sleeping past 8am