Saturday, September 5, 2009

I love a daiquiri sometimes.

Well, I just watched Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince for the second time. FINALLY.

And I thought it was bloody brilliant!!!

I loved it even more this time. I caught little things I never saw before, such as Harry awkwardly playing with the armrest on the train while Lavender wrote "R + L" on the foggy compartment door. I laughed so hard and resisted the urge to make so many silly comments. And, ok, sometimes I didn't resist the urge.

Things that still bothered me: Narcissa's hair, Bellatrix, Ginny/the kiss scene, the fire at the Burrow.

Granted, this time I snuck a daiquiri into the theater. And the theater was super ghetto - it didn't have stadium seating or an outside box office. And I was with some super-silly friends (Kurt and David) who made silly comments with me the whole time.

Aaaaaaaaaaaand I just found out that my friend Sam Houston (not the dead, historical one) is coming over! I haven't seen him in like two years!

Tonight has been wonderful!

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