Friday, September 4, 2009

Top 10 Reason Why I Fail to Blog

1. I'm too tired.
2. I've spent too much time on YouTube, Twitter, DailyBooth, FMyLife, and such, and now I'm too tired.
3. Nothing much happened today, and I don't want to make anyone read about it.
4. Too much happened today, and I lack the drive to sort through what's blog-worthy and what's not.
5. I'm in class all damn day and "do homework" all damn night.
6. I'd rather nap/eat/weave baskets.
7. Did somebody say PRAXIS?! (I wish my keyboard had a real interrobang.)
8. I'm feeling emo and don't want anyone to know.
9. It's easy to sit around and stew in my thoughts, but trying to actually articulate them in a semi-entertaining and concise manner is too daunting of a task.
10. I'm a pretty decent writer when I try, but my blog will never, ever be as good as Hayley's.

So basically, Hayley, it's all your fault.
Ok, fine. I'm just lazy.
As soon as I take the PRAXIS(es), I'll try to keep up this blog. At least every three days.
There. That's my goal.

Oh, and I don't really weave baskets. I wish I were that cool.


  1. Oh the PRAXIS is SO evil!! I've been reading over my study book and practice tests for a while now. You kind of just want to bang your head on the desk yea?