Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Day 17: I Believe I Can Fly

OKAY! I reverted my blog back to one of the default templates, so I'm hoping that will fix the problem with the comments. If you STILL can't comment now, please tweet me again @kaitlynwithakay. Thanks to everyone who did that yesterday.

On the bright side, it's nice to know that people have been trying to leave comments after all. I guess I'm not so uncool after all.

Today was day 2 of teaching, and it was another good but CRAZY day. I'm in love with my 2nd period fine arts class. They're a lot of fun and pretty open to trying all of the crazy games I make them play. My other two fine arts classes are out-of-control crazy and probably don't understand what I'm teaching them, but hey, it's a hell of a lot more fun than math. I'm a little worried about the choir. Our numbers are small due to scheduling problems, and I have several severely untalented singers. But they're there and they're willing, so I'm going to do my damndest to teach them.

In other news, my dad got laid off. He was an award-winning district manager at a pharmaceutical company, so I thought for sure he'd be safe. But for now I'm the only person in this family with a full-time job. He doesn't seem too worried, though. Hopefully he'll find something else soon.

In OTHER other news, I'm about to book a flight!!!! To where, you may ask? You will find out in due time, my readers!

Secretively yours,

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  1. Ughhhh secretssssss. I'm so glad you're enjoying your job...it sounds amazing. Now, how to hook you up with Hottie McGorgeous....