Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Day 3: The One With the Weddings

I find blogging daily to be much easier when it is mandatory.

Today I am going to try a different blogging strategy called "Blogging in the Morning," although it is actually nearly 1 PM now. I tend to sleep late during the summer while I still can.

I have a bone to pick with ABC Family, and it is this: Sabrina the Teenage Witch is supposed to be on right now. However, it is not on. Why, ABC Family, WHY??? So I am stuck watching Victorious on Nickelodeon, which is admittedly a pretty cute show. But it is NOT Sabrina.

Well, as it is the "morning," nothing much has happened yet in my day. So I suppose I will have to use today's blog to talk about THE PAST.

This past Saturday I went to not one but TWO weddings. The first was for my college friend Tene and her super adorable fiance Daniel. I got to sing in the wedding with some of our friends from school. She was really beautiful and I nearly cried a few times, which is so unlike me.

The second wedding was my for cousin Salena and her dude Chris. This wedding was very traditional, which is not really my style. But it was a nice wedding and she was also beautiful. And, like, my ENTIRE dad's side of the family was there. We were like sardines at that reception.

And yes, I DID wear two different dresses. Wouldn't you?

Well, my mother wants my brother and me to do all sorts of annoying things like clean and vacuum my car, so I better start pretending like I'm about to do those things. 'Til tomorrow, then!

Victoriously yours,

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