Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Day 30: Well, How 'Bout That? BEDA is over.

Ok, so I failed miserably at blogging every day. But you know what? I'm calling it a personal success because it got me blogging again. I really will try to keep it up now.

Yeah, you've heard that one before.

Important things I want to tell you before BEDA ends:

1. Twice now during this blog post I have typed VEDA instead of BEDA. That in itself should tell you how serious I was about this project. No, but I really did try!

2. The special ed teacher has still not asked me out, although he does still say hi to me when we pass each other. We haven't had much conversation beyond that, but I haven't given up hope yet. Also, I've decided to change his alias to Hottie McGorgeous, because (a.) he is, and (b.) that's how we've christened him on Twitter.

3. THIS PAST WEEKEND WAS MY BIRTHDAY AND I WENT TO NEW YORK CITY. OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG. It was amazing because (a.) I crashed with Sean and got to hang out with him all weekend, (b.) Sean and I drank screwdrivers at 11 AM on Saturday, (c.) WE MET MARKY and got to spend an entire day with him and his super-fun friends, (d.) I went to Coney Island for the first time and rode the Cyclone, which is the world's most amazingly fun roller coaster (and let me tell you, if your girl moves her body like THAT cyclone, your life is awesome), (e.) Sean's production company premiered its film Dots on Saturday night, and we all got to attend said premiere, (f.) I met Sean's brother Tyler, who is fun and adorable, and proceeded to get plastered in NYC with said brother, and (g.) we took some exciting video footage, which you can see tomorrow on SHVP!

4. My afternoon school as a whole no longer makes me want to commit suicide, but my fifth period class still does. Almost cried today. A football coach had to intervene. I wrote two kids up - my first write-ups!

5. I'm about halfway through Mockingjay, so don't spoil me.

6. My scary-looking (but probably very nice) assistant principal told me that my lesson plans were very good. She probably wouldn't know it if they were bad, though.

Ok, I'm tired. And I'm recovering from a weird sickness I picked up over the weekend. And I need to read some more Mockingjay.

End-of-BEDAtastically yours,

P.S. That's three times now that I've typed VEDA instead of BEDA. Fail.

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