Monday, August 9, 2010

Day 9: I'm Officially an Adult

It's day two of being brunette, and I still love it. I love it even more than I did yesterday. I look like a different person, so I feel like a different person, which is a good thing at this juncture of my life! So yes, all is well in the hair department.

Today I went to a meeting with all of the choir teachers in my parish (that's the Louisiana word for county). Actually, I'm technically in a different parish than the rest of them, but as I'm the only choir teacher in my parish they let me come to their parties. Since I grew up doing music in this parish, about half of my colleagues used to be my teachers. It is SO weird having to call your old teachers by their first names. Difficile est.

I just watched Kristina's monday video on fiveawesomegirls, and she mentioned that she wants to visit all 50 states before she dies. I've always had the same desire, so I counted up how many I've visited so far. My current number is 34, which means I'm well on my way. And check out how organized my map looks.

visited 34 states (68%)
Create your own visited map of The United States

I also want to visit all 7 continents, but I've only made it to 3 so far (North America, Europe, Australia).

And now I'm extremely sleepy. Goodnight.

Jet-settingly yours,

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