Friday, April 1, 2011

Day 1: BEDA Again?

I'm pretty sure the last time you heard from me was during Blog Every Day in August, at which I mostly failed. It was still fun, though, so I want to give it another shot. I will probably fail again, mind you, but at least I'll have something to work toward.

Other than, you know, my career and all. I have one of those now.

Mostly all I do these days is work, eat, watch tv, and sleep. I will address each of these topics now.

Work: Work is hard. It's gotten to be a lot more fun now that I've mastered the routine and my 5th hour has calmed down somewhat. Did I tell you about how they attempted to get me fired back in October? Yeah, they wrote the word "petition" on a piece of paper and then signed it. Brilliant, right? This is the caliber of person I get to deal with on a daily basis.
Right now I'm gearing up toward my first-ever BROADWAY AND POP SPRING SHOW SPECTACULAR with the choir. Omg. Wish me luck.

Eat: I think I've gained a little weight in the tummy area lately, and it's really aggravating. I don't actually mind the weight; I just hate the way my jeans feel now. (They actually never fit right to begin with. It's nearly impossible to find pants that work for me.) So I'm trying to eat better. I did the pescetarian thing for a while, and then my job got so stressful that I needed meat. Now I'm back to eating just seafood and turkey. I'll say I'm "working toward vegetarianism." I'm also trying to cut out dairy since I've discovered I'm lactose intolerant. Yeah, my body is a wonderland.

TV: How I Met Your Mother is still my favorite. I also bought a Hulu Plus subscription so I could watch Arrested Development. I just finished the first two seasons, and I can't understand why there are only three! It's so brilliant. And Jason Bateman is my new old-guy crush.
Finally, I've actually been keeping up with American Idol this time. My favorites right now are Haley and Stefano. Oh, fine. And Scotty.

Sleep: I actually haven't been sleeping very well. And I wake with a headache pretty often. I'm thinking about seeing a sleep specialist.

And that's that. If this blog post is any indication of the brilliance heading your way this month, then I'd say you're in for a... and I seriously can't even finish that sentence.



  1. It's just nice to hear from you again! I'm saying this of course and I haven't blogged since January. Jason Bateman is a good old-guy crush. My current go to is Nathan Fillion.

  2. YAY! You have returned to the Internet. Please point out if you in fact haven't been absent from the Internet and I just was unaware of this. What do you do for a living?