Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Day 12: A Dumb Bitch Semi-Retraction

Alright. So it turns out Jerksicle was exactly trying to exclude me from the so-called CWP Clique. But she was still being kind of bitchy and left my membership status at "pending."

If you're confused, please look back three blog posts. All caught up now? Good.

So this Jerksicle girl was bugging me with her nonstop tweets about the clique, and I decided to stop following her. (I KNOW. OH SO DRAMATIC.) So I missed the "Hey, you wanna be in the clique? Here's your first challenge!" tweet. You had to answer all sorts of ridiculous questions about the show by yesterday at a certain time. So now my official status is "out." Boohoo.

It's just as well. I did some thinking and remembered that I am fundamentally opposed to cliques. After spending all of my elementary, middle, AND high school years as an outsider looking in on the clique world, such rigid exclusivity really bothers me. Besides, how stupid is it for a radio show to play Regina George anyway?!

So I calmed down and realized that I'm not sweating being "out." I'm still awesome, and I don't really like Jerksicle anyway. I just hope this clique business doesn't ruin the show for me. I mean, it was my FAVORITE, yo.

Mmkay, so that's that for now. It was a pretty good food day! I had coffee with almond milk and splenda for breakfast and an egg salad sandwich for lunch. My mom was planning to make tacos for dinner, so I convinced her to include some veggie ingredients. So my tacos were basically a cheap attempt at homemade Chipotle: Mexican rice, black beans, mild salsa, and guacamole, with white corn on the side. It turned out pretty well for me, except for the part where I was out of my lactose-free milk and decided to drink regular milk instead. For the record: regular milk was a bad choice.

And now I'm sleepy, but I kind of want to watch another episode of Heroes. Which will I pick?


P.S. How RUDE was it of Glee to rerun the episode with "River Deep, Mountain High" tonight? Pia JUST got voted off after singing that song! Insensitive bastards, those FOX execs.

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