Saturday, April 9, 2011

Day 9: Some Stuff and Some Other Stuff

Today's blog will be quick-ish. I'm incredibly sleepy and, quite unfortunately have to get up early. I, along with my brothers, committed to playing in the "youth band" (despite my fleeting youth) at church tomorrow during all three freakin' services. This was before I got sick, of course, and now I would gladly relive my tonsilectomy tomorrow afternoon if it meant I didn't have to get up early and play the clarinet.

I'm feeling a little better today, so the food intake was a little less sporadic. Somehow I managed to sleep in until noon, and when I awoke I decided it was a good time to try scrambling eggs for the first time in my life. So for breakfast I had two scrambled eggs, which actually turned out pretty well, plus a small bowl of Post Great Grains cereal with almond milk and two cups of green tea (one mixed berry-flavored and one honey-flavored). Then there was a late lunch of sorts, which was just a small Caribbean way smoothie from Smoothie King. Then for dinner my mom decided to make shrimp paella and also order in some fried shrimp, so there wasn't much for me there. I ate some fries, the tiny salad that came with our shrimp order, and a bag of mixed nuts. That dinner left much to be desired.

Therein lies one of my biggest problems with living at home: it's really hard to follow a strict diet when someone else does the shopping. I need my own place with my own groceries.

I've been trying to have my own place since August, actually, but it hasn't really worked out. I had been planning on moving into a townhouse my parents own and pay them rent, but in August they were working on renovating it. So I waited. And the renovations took forever. And then when I was FINALLY starting to get my stuff moved into the place, somebody broke in. They didn't take anything, but they definitely made a mess of the door.

After all that craziness happened, my mom decided she wants to invest in a condo in the college area of town. So now I'm thinking I'll move in there, provided she actually gets one.

I mention all of this mainly to explain why we went to look at a condo today. Yes, I was actually able to get out of bed for a little while! I think we found one we like, so keep your fingers crossed. I really need my own place.

Alright, I have to go to bed. Stupid youth band. Ugh.

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