Monday, April 11, 2011

Day 11: Oh crap, I have to blog.

That's what I said approximately 20 seconds ago when Lauren Fairweather asked Twitter what she should blog about.

Here's what I'm going to blog about: TV.

Lately I've become weirdly fixated with watching every single episode of a canceled show. I finished Arrested Development a few days ago, and I'm having serious withdrawals. I'm working on a few other shows now to fill the void.

I'll give you my stats.

Shows of Which I've Seen Every Episode:
Gilmore Girls
Arrested Development
Hannah Montana

Shows of Which I've Seen Almost Every Episode:
I Love Lucy
That 70s Show

Shows I'm Currently Working On:
Flight of the Conchords

There may be others I haven't thought of for those first two lists, but I can add those later. And remember, we're only talking about canceled shows.

And now for the food list: coffee with lactose-free milk and splenda; blueberry Greek yogurt; pasta salad; some kind of bizarre veggie jambalaya my mom made for dinner; broccoli; one hard boiled egg.

So far I really like being a vegetarian. I'm sure there will come a day when I'll want to rip my hair out and trap myself in a burning building, but it hasn't come yet. Honestly, I've been way too busy to think about meat. So that'll work for now!

Oh! Remember the lady I told you about yesterday? Turns out she didn't have a stroke. Her tests all came back fine. They decided it was most likely related to stress and exhaustion. So that's good! It was still pretty scary, though.

Mmkay, bye!


  1. Watch the Dick Van Dyke show! Graham and I are watching all five seasons right now (re-watch for me) and it's adorable and funny and smart. Also yay vegetarianism!

  2. I used to watch it all the time on Nick at Nite! Love it.