Monday, April 25, 2011

Day 25: Easter Shiznanigans

My family and I spent the Easter weekend in Dallas, TX with some relatives, including my 90-year-old Uncle Buddy. He's awesome, and we had a pretty killer time.

On Friday night I saw Scream 4 again, but THIS time I went to a drive-in movie theater!

I had never been to a drive-in before, so it was pretty darn exciting. Even more exciting was the heightened sensation of being scared while watching a movie outside in the woods. Yep, it was all pretty fantastic, except for the group right next to us who decided to bring a CHILD to see Scream 4. It talked.* A LOT. What the hell were they thinking?!

Anywho, on Saturday night the family and I went to a Rangers game (that's baseball for you unsporty types). Don't I look excited to be there?? :-P It actually was pretty fun when it wasn't raining.

Then on Sunday we did the church thing, the Easter dinner at lunchtime thing, and a bit of an Easter egg hunt. It was an adult-style Easter egg hunt, however. Each person only had one egg with his or her name on it, and the eggs were filled with $5 bills. That's my kind of Easter egg.

We drove home last night since my brother had to go to school this morning. I, however, have this entire week off, so I have spent much of today reading Maureen Johnson's new book, The Last Little Blue Envelope. I'm only 100 pages in now, so I'll tell you how I like it once I'm done. I will say, though, that if things are going in the direction I think they're going, I'm going to be annoyed.

Finally, I've been thinking about how most people keep track of stuff at the end of their blog posts. I used to keep track of stuff, but I haven't done so in quite a while. So howsabout I start today, eh?

Days Without Meat: 23
Books Read This Year: 0 (Shut up. I've been busy.)
Chipotle Burritos This Year: 1
Places I've Traveled This Year: North Carolina, Illinois, Texas

But I think I'll only update these things as they change. No need to tack them on at the end if I've made no progress.

Mmkay, see you tomorrow! Possibly.

*Can you tell I have no plans to be a mother any time soon?

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