Thursday, April 7, 2011


I KNEW I was getting sick. Remember how I was all achy on Monday? Yeah. Two days later I got sick with something quite sinus infection-y. That's why there was no blog yesterday.

So after spending all of yesterday afternoon/night lying around and watching tv (including American Idol, of course - I voted for Haley), I woke up this morning still feeling pretty icky. So I did something I had thus far never attempted: I called in sick to work! It was exhilarating, let me tell you!

I actually did get up and shower around 10:30 because I planned on trying to go to my second school around noon. But when I got there I discovered they had gotten a sub for me, so I just went home! And I've been here ever since. Riveting, yes?

Due to this trifling sickness I haven't so much eaten "meals" today as I have stuffed my face with random crap whenever I couldn't fall asleep. But all of that random crap was vegetarian!

Here's a list of that random crap:
2 cups of mixed berry-flavored green tea, 1 bowl of Lucky Charms with almond milk, 1 bowl of plain grits with some Lucky Charms marshmallows mixed in, 1 entire can of chunky vegetable soup, a glass or two of apple juice, and I'm currently working on a kids-sized Berry Interesting smoothie from Smoothie King and shitload of Picadilly macaroni and cheese - the ultimate comfort food.

And now I plan to lie on the couch and/or bed for the rest of the night and will myself to heal. I do plan to watch American Idol with my mom, because I totally got her into it! Except she likes James Durbin. I'm not feeling that.

On that note, I better go....... do nothing. See you tomorrow!

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