Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Day 27: Cheating

This particular post will take a while to complete because I'm typing it little by little as I take breaks from texting in votes for Haley Reinhart. American Idol is important, y'all. WE GOTS TO KEEP THE GIRLS ALIVE.

But I have other important news, and this important news is this: I broke my vegetarian streak last night. I'm a terrible person. I feel ignominy and disgrace being heaped upon me by an invisible force.

Ok, I actually have good reasons and a logical course of action for my vegetarian future.

My problem with trying to be a vegetarian right now is that my mom does the food shopping 'round these parts. And she keeps buying turkey and seafood products just for me. I haven't exactly mentioned the full vegetarianism thing to the family yet.

And WHY haven't I mentioned the full vegetarian thing to the family yet? WELL, hypothetical audience, I haven't mentioned it to the family yet because the family tends to make fun of me for everything I do or think. Seriously. They make fun of my liberalism, my apathy toward all sports, my disdain for America, my desire to live in Europe for at least one year before I turn 30, the things I watch on television, every opinion I express that they don't agree with, and so much more. So why give them one more thing?

But I do realize I'm going to have to tell them. So I will. I'm going to tell them I want to be a vegetarian. I will eat up everything turkey- and seafood-related in the house, and then I will stop eating all meat. And I'm excited about it.

Yep. That's where I stand now. So I'm going to go vote for Haley until the polls close.


Days Without Meat: 0 (Sad. Must start over.)


  1. I don't see why they make fun of you for being those things...those are (at least part) of what makes you awesome!