Saturday, April 16, 2011

Day 16: I'm Not Too Old For Laser Tag

YOU ARE CORRECT, SIRS. And ma'ams. I did not blog yesterday. I know you're all upset because I felt a faint cry of "NOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooo....." at 11:59 last night as I was sitting in a movie theater and definitely not blogging.

I just realized that typing "no" with a bunch of extra O's looks like you're actually saying "noo." Hah.

Yesterday I had a super-duper fantastically silly and fun time with some of my choir kids on our CHOIR FUN NIGHT, WOOOO. Well, first we had a 2-hour long rehearsal, during which everyone developed severe ADHD and did nothing to ease my worries that we're going to crash and burn at our spring concert next Thursday. But no one wants to hear about that.

What YOU want to hear about is me playing laser tag. For those of you who were not preteens during the 1990's, you may not have spent your formative years playing laser tag in the dark, creepy back room of your local skating rink. Laser tag involves being outfitted with a heavy vest and plastic gun by an acne-ridden teen who instructs you to shoot the players of the other team in return for points. It's not at all violent.

Well, last night I played laser tag. Shockingly, I was not very good. I discovered once again that I do not play well with small children. At one point I actually found myself screaming "STOP FOLLOWING ME, YOU CREEP!" at a seven-year-old boy. As fun as it was to practice my inadequate sniping skills, I only played one game.

But THEN we went to see Scream 4 (which I refuse to refer to as "Scre4m"), and I gotta tell ya: it was freaking fantastic! SO good and SO funny! I immediately wanted to see it again. And again. And then spend all night tonight shirking responsibility and watching the first three Screams.

In other news, I'm thinking of switching to decaf in the mornings. I've been having this problem on Saturday mornings in which I feel like I'm knee-deep in a massive hangover, but I rarely drink anymore. I'm diagnosing these unfortunate weekly headaches as caffeine withdrawal, because what else could it be?

Well, I guess it COULD be a brain tumor with a very strict schedule.* But probably not.

Anywho, kids, stay tuned later tonight, as you may find a BONUS POST to make up for yesterday's absence. CHEERIO!

*Sometimes I'm a hypochondriac. I once thought I had HIV and a brain tumor AT THE SAME TIME.

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