Sunday, April 3, 2011

Day 3: The Bitch is Back

Hooray! People left comments on my last entry! :-)

As one commenter pointed out, I have been fairly absent from the internet in recent months. I'm still an incredibly active Twitterer, but I've been absent from YouTube and the blogosphere. I know I keep saying I'm going to get back into it soon, and I really do mean it every time. Soon it will be summer and I'll be moving out of my parents' house, so that should make it easier. BUT I WILL BE BACK SOMEDAY. DON'T GIVE UP ON ME YET.

That said, it has been nice to concentrate on my real life for a while, even if "real life" just means overeating and watching "Arrested Development."

As you may have noticed and/or predicted, I have already failed at BEDA. Perhaps I should call it BAEDA, for Blog Almost Every Day in April. You can still pronounce it like BEDA, or you can be pretentious and pronounce it "BAY-duh." I do quite enjoy a certain amount of pretention in my life. Don't you? :-)

SO LAST NIGHT Elton John was on SNL! If you aren't already aware, I do so love Elton John. I actually saw him in concert a few months ago. I love love LOVE him. I didn't exactly love the way they utilized him on SNL, though. While it is weirdly adorable to see a 60-something gay man continuously make out with young straight men on live tv, I think they could've been more creative with his skits. BUT I suppose allowing men to make out on live tv at all is a step in the right direction.

Fun fact: The suit he performed in last night was the same one he wore when I saw him. Yay!

Last night I also grabbed drinks with my friend Bryan, and then we went to see my high school's (the one I attended, not one at which I currently teach) production of Phantom of the Opera. I was pretty skeptical about a high school doing Phantom, but I was actually pretty impressed! The acting was so-so, as is typical at a high school, but the singing wasn't bad. That little girl playing Christine hit some notes I merely dream of hitting. And on key! Simply astounding.

Well, today I have to go to church and rehearse my children's choir for their spring musical. Before that, however, I'm going to lie here in my pajamas and watch Arrested Development until I can't put off showering any longer.


P.S. Did you catch the predictable cheese in the title of this entry? So clever, I know.

P.P.S. I ate some chicken last night. Alas. Alright, I'm recommitting myself. NO MORE CHICKEN. Next we'll work on no more turkey, but I'm not ready for that step yet.

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  1. ELTON JOHN = AMAZING. loved that episode!!!