Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Day 13: Blarg Title Narf Potato

Last night I was debating going to sleep or watch another episode of Heroes. I decided Heroes!

But then I changed my mind and went to sleep. Ha.

Oh! I forgot to mention a very positive decision I made yesterday. After I ate my plate of veggie tacos at dinner, I really wanted to eat some more. However, I realized that I wasn't actually hungry anymore, so I stopped eating! I'm so proud of myself!

And then tonight I totally blew it. My mom made chocolate chip muffins. What can you do?

Alright, so food: coffee with almond milk and splenda for breakfast; pasta salad and a kids' Smarti Tarti smoothie from Smoothie King for lunch; more pasta salad and three Thin Mints for a snack; spaghetti and the world's tastiest red sauce (from this amazing local place) with green beans for dinner; two chocolate chip muffins.

Right now I'm pretty tired from my long day, what with all the watching of American Idol and the voting for Haley Reinhart I did. I hope everyone voted for the girls tonight (even if Lauren Alaina did sing the cheesiest Miley Cyrus song in existence). Those boys gots to get got.

And now I'm randomly going to recommend that you follow @annoyinghayley and @PJCalamity on Twitter. Their live blogging of Aristocats tonight was just the greatest thing ever.

Boy, I sure am exercising my right to hyperbole tonight. And with that, I bid you farewell.


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