Thursday, April 14, 2011

Day 14: To Be Continued?

I just finished watching Heroes. Finally. I started the show about three years ago, and I guess I got a little distracted. But at last it is done.

I don't really want to say too much about it. I realize that the show has been over for at least a year, but I still don't like to be a Spoiling Spinelli if I can help it. But I WILL say that I really like how one character's story ended. I'm not unhappy with the ending as a whole, but it did feel a little unfinished.

Perhaps that's because the finale ended with "To Be Continued..." Did they not know the show would be canceled? Or is it one of those lame to-be-continued-but-only-in-your-imagination scenarios?

Now it's time to update my lists.

Shows of Which I've Seen Every Episode:
Gilmore Girls
Hannah Montana
Arrested Development

Shows of Which I've Seen Almost Every Episode:
I Love Lucy
That 70s Show

Shows I'm Currently Working On:
Flight of the Conchords

In current TV news, I am happy that Haley has survived another week on Idol. I'm so freaking happy we finally eliminated a boy, although I am sad it had to be Paul. He was fun to have around. Now it's time for Stefano and Jacob to get got.

Food of the day: coffee with lactose-free milk and splenda; pasta salad; Smoothie King CW Jr. smoothie; spinach and feta croissant; chocolate chip muffin; Mexican rice, black beans, and salsa; broccoli; Bluebell ice cream Mooo bar.

Oh! One last thing! I donated blood about a month ago, and yesterday I got a letter from the bloodsuckers. This letter included the identity of my blood type. So I finally know my blood type! It's A+. Yep, even my blood is an overachiever.

Bed time! Goodnight!

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